Direct Donation

Public funds cover basic education at L’École Bilingue, but as parents and guardians we directly fund additional valuable education resources beyond those normally provided by the VSB and government. Most of our funds are received directly from our parent families and raised through countless volunteer hours and dedicated efforts on programs like the pizza and sushi lunch.

Where do the funds go?

As outlined in our annual PAC Budget, funds raised are targeted in a number of ways including investments in:

Why direct donation?

Direct donation is an annual, voluntary, confidential contribution with a suggested amount per child ($100) that allows us to significantly reduce the number of small fundraisers undertaken and retain only those that are efficient and significant in return for the hours invested as well as those that contribute to our community. The more funds we receive through direct donation the less we will have to fundraise to support programs and the fewer donation solicitations parents will receive throughout the year.

Direct donation is also a great way for parents to contribute to school activities who are unable to make time for volunteering during the school day.

The easiest way is through SchoolCash Online.

💳 Donate through SchoolCash Online

While it is much faster and easier to use SchoolCash Online, we are able to accept donations by cheque. Please make it out to “L’École Bilingue PAC” and leave it in the PAC mailbox in the office. If you would like a tax receipt, please include a note with your contact details.